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Connecting the potential of Genomics and Computational Biology to transform agricultural practices..

We particularly focus on understanding the complex dynamics among plants, microbes, and the environment, by investigating this multifaceted ecosystem at the species levels

Our primary goal is to unleash innovative approaches that augment crop nutrition, boost crop resilience to environmental challenges, and significantly improve crop productivity.

Our mission is to assist our customers in obtaining full comprehension of their agro-biological products effect on both crop and soil microbiota, measuring the physiological and genomic responses of crops.

This enables our clients to make informed decisions about the mode of action of their products and farmers to adopt sustainable and adapted agriculture practices.

Connecting the potential of Genomics and Computational Biology to transform agricultural practices..

Why choose us


Customer’s Partners

→We are our customer’s partner and we can provide all the advice, support and help to discover, develop and validate their products.

→We can design the testing projects adapted to your needs, we can provide a deep understanding of the interpretation of the omics report.


Agriculture & Environment Genomics

→We provide Genomics services and bioinformatics to the Agricultural and environmental  industries.

→Our purpose is to give to our customers all the knowledge and state of the art technology to help them out to understand their solutions mode of action.


Add Value Information

→We will provide a deep understanding of the information delivered by the latest technology in omics.

→Our microbes libraries, deep analysis and quality performance can give a greater detail that other providers can deliver.


Eduardo Quemada


Msc. Civil Engineer, PDD IESE Business School, ex CEO PlantResponse Biotech. Co-Founder of Inhibitec Anticuerpos; Serial Entrepreneur and Business Advisor in Biotech and agri food companies

Antonio Gómez​

Head of Bioinformatics

Antonio Gómez es licenciado en Biología por la Universidad de Jaén y doctor en patología de plantas por la Universidad de Reading. Tiene más de nueve años de experiencia en los análisis bioinformáticos aplicados a la agricultura e industria biotecnológica. Durante su doctorado, se especializó en el análisis de genomas identificando los principales mecanismos de interacción entre planta y patógeno. Realizó su postdoctorado en el Instituto nacional de agricultura y botánica en Reino Unido como bioinformático en varios proyectos de interés agrícola

Clara Gálvez

Phd Biotechnology

Doctora en Biotecnologíay recursos genéticos de plantas y
Microorganismos por la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
Máster en Biología Vegetal Aplicada por la Universidad
Complutense de Madrid.
Graduada en Biologíapor laUniversidad Autónoma de Madrid.


Dr. Antonio Molina​

CBGP Director PhD in Biology from the UPM

PhD in Biology from the UPM. Full – Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the UPM. Director of the Plant Biotechnology and Genomics Centre. Serial Entrepreuner. Co-founder PlantResponse Biotech

Dr. Jaime Huerta- Cepas​

CSIC Researcher. Group Leader of Genomics Lab CBGP

CSIC Researcher. Group Leader of Genomics and Metagenomics Lab at Centre for Plant Biotechnology and Genomics.
One of the most Highly Cited Researchers (ClarivateTM 2020,2021)



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